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Mon Aug 31, 2015, 10:35 AM
  • Mood: Joy
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Patreon September Pack

I just opened Patroen in this month(September) and these are what I preapered for you.Here you can find High quality (300dpi) images of these pictures also uncensored versions,w.i.p,background (all artworks at picture) at my patreon (uncensored  version is only available for my Patrons) this month. More works will come n.n I need your support :3  pls check my patreon page…

Rikku and Her Machina MAW sphere by Phoenixboy
Rikku Machina MAV background by PhoenixboyFINAL FANTASY X LULU by Phoenixboy

Mature Content

FINAL FANTASY X LULU Alternative by Phoenixboy

Mature Content

League of Legend Charming Ahri by Phoenixboy

NIDALEE and RENGAR by Phoenixboy

my thumbl if you like to share I need your support alot.
My facebookand twitter page if you like to follow me……


Mon Aug 31, 2015, 10:24 AM
  • Mood: Joy
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Patreon September Pack

Hi My Friends o/ I just started my Patreon Page My nickname is PhoenixBoy( First character I designed when I was a kid inspired from Phoenix ^^) I am an artist. I graduated from Fine Art Facility.I am a freelance illustrator and also a Master Degree student atm.
I love drawing pictures especially drawing and creating cartoon, Manga/Anime characters and fantasy worlds. I draw picture since I was a kid. I mostly draw anything I find as a challenge, enjoy to give action feeling to my drawings and try surpass myself with every drawing I do.
Patreon Page
The reason I launched Patreon page. I need your help! Unfortunitly being an Artist is hard, especially if you live somewhere where they dont apprecite art.... it has been struggle for me to find time for drawing artworks,do fanarts and art projects when my financial concerns are problem as a student and a person. I have to work on part time job for money and living,( unfortunately Job is not even related with art or design T.T so I feel like wasting my lifetime and talent ) I hope nobody work on a different job then they meant bcs of their circumstances. 
Other jobs  gives me less time to do for what I love/enjoy and studied for :( I need your help to survive as an Artist . To be honest I know maybe some of you think ,why help you since there are better artist out there. Yeah I agree with you but I believe there are other artist at shadows as well who is really talented but had to choose different choices in life bcs of circumstances in life itself/ and they need your kind support so you give them a chance to get back to light and show their talent.I think this is the one of the reason why Patreon itself exist.At least websites like Patreon give us a chance to introduce us to you.
What I will do?
I am like anime,manga and video games so I mostly draw anything from tough sexy girls, to Fan Arts from Anime, Video Games and Movies or whatever source I inspire from. I got tons of things I wanna draw and try *------* I especially enjoy draw about Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and League of Legend Fan arts.
I like to give action feeling to my drawings also like to add alot of details on my drawings when I got time. ( I will also share background seperatly for you when I draw one for artwork so you can use it for your personal use.) 

I like redraw my ex-drawings, I am a bit perfectionist XD I may not like what I draw and try to improve my artworks for a while later add more details or remake it if neccessary. I will also share Remakes ONLY FOR my PATRONS( Like I did to Ahri drawings)

I have plans for NSFW artworks series ONLY FOR my PATRONS too:3(Something soft and charming maybe a bit funny works )

also have plans like sharing tutoriels about human anatomy and others, and teaching you creating anime/manga characterS from line art to painting tutoriels in the future.

One of my dream is complete my own Comic/Manga someday. (and also be a teacher at university X3) I am sketching and creating my own characters and write story sometimes but never had a real chance to sit down for seriously and draw. Hopefully. I can do it with your helps and My Manga will be only for you guys.I will share it there. 
 if you interested and wanna help me pls check my patreon page…
also pls reblog from my thumbl if you can if you like my work and share it  I really need your support about that .
My facebook and twitter page if you like to follow me…

                                 Thank you for your help and giving your time to read my profile.

Me chibi by Phoenixboy


I have been busy with university studies in these past months but nice artworks are coming soon in this month ;3
Cammy  wip Sketch 1 by Phoenixboy
Cammy wip Sketch 1
Cammy sketchings...and deciding here to color ,light and shadows :3

note: w.i.p updated
The Legend Of Zelda Linkle by Phoenixboy
The Legend Of Zelda Linkle
Portrait of our New Hyrulian Heroine :3

Thank you for the Favs :3

Note: Updated the drawing..added some background from some TLOZ pic.Hmm I think about it She could be nice character at Wind waker as Link's sister and a Pirate with Tetra n.n
Linkle and 40 Cuccos wip sketch by Phoenixboy
Linkle and 40 Cuccos wip sketch
Ehehe, just something  I came up about Linkle and Dangerous Cuccos :) Raiding with her 40 Cuccos in Bar and asking nicely for drink and  forages... I mean gold.. for Cuccos X3 (hopefull will finish it this month if I can find time from my busy schedule) x3
White Wolfe by Phoenixboy
White Wolfe
OC character commission version 2


line art

High Quality (300dpi) images and other versions of this picture  and also background will be  my patreon  if you interested and wanna help me pls check my patreon page…
also pls reblog from my thumbl if you can if you like my work and share it  I need your support .
My facebookand twitter page if you like to follow me…


Phoenixboy's Profile Picture
Hasan Keskin
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
My patreon page :……

I draw picture since a was 9 years old. I loved draw pictures especially cartoon/anime characters. I was always trying to draw superheros comic book. I used to buy alot comic book ''Superman,Batman,Spiderman. I remember how exciting I was when I was draw fight between Superman and Doomsday from comic book. İt is just a joy for me to draw what I imagened. I always interst animation,illustrations. I drew my own character write stories about them.
I studied at fine art faculity for 4 years. I am studying master degree on Fine art Dept.s at üniversity right now I am still not giving up on my being an animator dream ^^ When I have time I work on illustrations with my graphic tablet.İt is really annoying sometimes I can't even find a time for sketch >_> I learned most of the art program like Photshop,illustratör,Paint tool sai,Manga studio,Corel painter) by myself or at univesity Well..I am still learning..every drawing or painting I do is a way to learn new things for me.

DeviantWEAR sizing preference: medium

Video games: Well. I am a nintendo fan in heart :) Nothing can take place of Mario,The legend of Zelda,Pokemon,Metroid Prime,Super Smash Bros games!! Hopefully we will see these Ninendo masterpieces soon.
Devil MAY CRY, RESİDENT EVİL,DEAD SPACE, FİNAL FANTASY, KİNGDOM HEARTS,THE LEGEND OF ZELDA,POKEMON, FİRE EMBLEM,METAL GEAR SOLİD...These are my core games! I usually like action adventure games and Rpg..well I don't really like FPS to much.

Favourite genre of music: I like sound of violins.I think it is amazing..but I listen Rock music like Linkin Park,Bon Jovi,Evenescence...anime or game soundtracks etc. I guess I listen every music its sound good to me :)

Favourite style of art: MANGA and FANTASY. I always like to draw different styles for improve myself but I usually draw in two styles ; first one is manga syle; I like 2d manga/anime/pop art style its just line art,and 2d painting has a unique taste
Other syle I like to paint is Realistic free style.Sometimes I just want to draw draw..I use differet kind of brushes to complete art until I satified. I like to be free when I am drawing. I think artists don't need borders when they create something.. ^^

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit!!
Favourite cartoon charactera well I got alot favvvs *--* Goku,Link, Naruto,Mario,Luffy,Spike(cowboy bebop),Dante,Sora...and more I guess :D

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frankendoodle2 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
You have a nice art style! Keep it up! (^-^)
Phoenixboy Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much! I am happy you liked my art :3
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015
Heya, thought our annual art contest on :icongame-art-hq: could interest you. Its all about crossover ideas, ends in the first January 2016 week and I fund it with $50 for 3 winners that will be chosen by 10 group members that are artists since years.

Please check it out, greets Reinhold
Phoenixboy Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Great *----* Thank you for notify me about contest Reinhold. I apperciate is. There are nice cross over ideas at the list. I just got 2 questions. For example I chose The Legend of Zelda vs Star Wars and I draw Link as Luck and Zelda as Princess in sw etc. İs this what you mean as cross over? and İs it up to me to draw single character or more? or is it like fight between two groups?

Thank you again. greets Hasan
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015
Any forms of fight scenes or other interactions between at least one Zelda and one Star Wars characters could be possible in the contest for that crossover idea as example.

Like you could draw Link fighting Darth Vader or Chewbacca and Han Solo vs anyone from zelda, its totally up to you :-) You can also draw Link kissing Princess Leia or be together with her as a joke on Link being together with Princesses usually and now he got Leia somehow, but its really totally up to your own creativity ;)  Alone this Zelda vs SW crossover allows tons of possible scenes already, bet it can be difficult to decide one 
Phoenixboy Featured By Owner Edited Oct 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
You have really good ideas there Reinhold :3 I also liked your ideas :) and Thank you ok I got it Brain Storm starts! o/
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Celem Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the :+fav: on my autumn pic :)
Phoenixboy Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for beuatiful pictures! You have a nice gallery. Your photos geve me some inspiration for background designs.if I use them I will let you know :3
Mock1ngb1rd Featured By Owner May 30, 2015
        Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3DHappy Birthday!Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D
I wish you all the best and a fantastic day!
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